• The Melanin Inspired Journal

  • Crowned Journal was created exclusively for millennial black women to write what you want, how you want - no excuses. Much more than lines on paper, Crowned Journal is an inspiring, goal setting and achieving, "all about you" journal. Our purpose is to help you consistently focus on areas of your life that bring contentment and joy despite outside distractions.


  • We’re excited to introduce Crowned Journal. Designed by black women for black women.


    What’s Included?


    ▪️Crowned Journal is a hardcover journal with 120 GSM thick pages

    ▪️In keeping with the Crowned Journal mission of writing freely, there are 150 college-ruled pages

    ▪️Motivational illustrations throughout

    ▪️Specially designed black girl sayings


    At Crowned Journal, we know that the first step to reaching your dreams is writing them down; so, we’ve also included an additional dedicated section with activities to keep you focused:


    27 Action Pages

    ▪️For goals, affirmations, a letter to your future self, giving thanks, accomplishments

    ▪️Explore your city and the world

    ▪️2-page vision board

    ▪️Questions to answer when handling conflict with a friend

    ▪️12-month savings budget

    ▪️Support women-owned / black-owned businesses

    And more ...


    You will have the ability to cross-reference your mementos to your journal entries - the perfect way to revisit treasured memories for years to come. A picture of the Crowned Keepsake Note is in the gallery.


    We will also build the Inserts Library with additional pages to enhance your Crowned Journal experience.

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    Crowned Journal

    Crowned Journal

    •$5 domestic shipping
    •Custom sticky notes for easily matching mementos to your journal entries
    •Sequential numbering
    •Limited 100% money back guarantee. See FAQs for details
    **10% of profits contributed to Until Freedom
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  • Inserts Library

    Includes print to size pages

    *cut along the broken line and insert in your journal

    Goal Tracker

    Weekly Meal Prep

    Bullet Page

    Grid Page

  • Our Story

    My name is Ms Sonya. I am a mother of one and have been an RN for over 20 years. My daughter, Rhiana, started journaling as a child and recognized the need for a writing journal specifically for millennial women of color like herself - Crowned Journal. I was instantly interested. I needed to be a major part of creating Crowned Journal. Rhiana and I immediately decided that not only did we want a journal with plenty of pages for writing any and everything; but, we also wanted a section with many of the topics that today’s young woman finds most important for growth and fun.


    There is no other group of people that I have such a deep sense of pride and adoration for. Your determination has resulted in experiences and accomplishments that many my age did not achieve until later in life, if at all. As a mother and nurse, protector and supporter, I needed for Crowned Journal to be a safe, fun, comfortable place that helps keep you focused on all that you desire in spite of life’s distractions.


    There are so many celebrating all that you are. Please never stop pursuing those things that bring you true happiness, positive growth and absolute joy. It’s because of you that Crowned Journal exists!


    Thanks for being such an inspiration, ladies!!💕 Stay safe!



    This is our very first professional mother-daughter picture taken in 2015

    (I’m not a fan of taking pictures. Had to be coerced a little. Love you Rhi😘😊).




  • FAQs

    Q: Where does Crowned Journal ship?

    A: The journal is first shipping USPS domestic mail. If you live outside the US and it’s territories, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to receive updates as we ship internationally.


    Q: How do I send Crowned Journal to someone as a gift?

    A: On the Customer Info page, enter the person’s information that you’re sending Crowned Journal to instead of your information with the exception of your email. Please include your email in case we need to contact you.


    Q: What journal sizes and colors are available?

    A: There is the one color and size offered at this time: 7.5 x 10.25 inches.


    Q: Which pens should I use that won’t bleed?

    A: We recommend water-based pens such as Papermate 1.0M, Sharpie Pen (not the marker) and Stabilo PointVisco


    Q: Do you accept returns?

    A: No, we do not provide refunds or accept returns. If damaged in shipping, please contact us within 2 weeks of delivery along with a photo of the damaged journal. We will assist with providing a replacement.


    Q: Does Crowned Journal contribute to a nonprofit organization?

    A: Yes. We’re excited to support Until Freedom. 10% of Crowned Journal’s profits will be contributed to the cause to “address systemic and racial injustice” for which Tamika Mallory is a Co-Founder.


    Q: Please tell me more about the money back guarantee.

    A: We get it. We’re a startup that you know nothing about. We want to prove that Crowned Journal, created exclusively for you, rivals any writing journal.


    ***Find a writing journal with more features and we will return your $34.95. You keep Crowned Journal.***



    •Comparable journal:

    *Must have more features

    *Must be a writing journal, not a planner

    *Can not be theme-specific (manifesting, finance, etc)


    •The 100% money back guarantee -

    *lasts 30 days from the date of the email notifying that your journal shipped.

    *includes the cost of the journal, not taxes nor the cost of shipping.


    Q: How can I support Crowned Journal?

    A: Follow us on social media and spread the word! Share share share


    To contact us for additional questions and partnerships, please email contactus@crownedjournal.com.


    Thank you!

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